Interactive 3D visualization and configuration

Creation of a 3D configuration and visualization interface in HTML5/WebGL for integration into a web page without plugin.
Depending on your internet connection speed, the model may need a few seconds to display ...


Design, 3D modeling, interactive development & programming.

Project management

3D modeling, realistic real time 3D animation and rendering.


Interaction programming with HTML WebGL real time renderer, web page integration.

Details :

Drag the mouse over the visualization window to rotate the model. Zoom in/out using the mouse scrollwheel. You can customize / configure the product using the buttons (color, exhausts and wheels). You can even explode the view to take a look inside at the mechanical parts !

ONiRiXEL created this 3D visualization and configuration system to demonstrate the power and ease of use of the HTML5/WebGL2 technologies. The visualization interface integrates seamlessly into any webpage, without having to resort to any plugin or third party application, using any web browser HTML5/WebGL compatible, on Windows or Linux PC, Mac, and mobile devices running Android or iOS.


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