3D medical visualization animation video

Medical documentary mixing live action, 3D CGI animation sequences and 3D CGI VFX for the "Octobre Rose" breast cancer information and prevention campaign.

Film direction and production

Adaptation, screenwriting, storyboard, previsualization.

Live action shooting & 3D animation

On location and green screen studio shooting, 3D design and modeling, 3D animation and rendering.


3D CGI VFX, camera tracking, chroma keying, compositing, video editing, sound mixing and recording, color grading and final video encoding.

Details :

In the context of the "Octobre rose" campaign against breast cancer, ONiRiXEL contributed to the creation of the medical-artistic device "Journey to the heart of the breast" by creating this short documentary film mixing 3D animation CGI sequences and live action shootnig, to be projected inside a travelling exhibition.

The aim was to explain the development of breast cancer, but also raise awareness of prevention, detection, and treatments of this disease. The exhibition is currently travelling across europe.


Creation arises from encounters. The meeting of your ideas, needs and constraints, with the creativity and expertise of ONiRiXEL.

Studio :

56 BIS Rue des 36 Ponts