3D animation films and CGI

3D animation films and CGI

CGI, 3D animation and 3D modeling offer limitless possibilities of creation : we can make a film of your product or idea, even if it is still at the concept stage. We produce images of objects that are difficult or impossible to capture in live action, explain a complex phenomenon or mechanism by transparency. Modern CGI 3D animation is really virtual shooting, and allows very realistic 3D rendering.

Video production, postproduction and 3D VFX

Video production, postproduction and 3D VFX

We shoot live action as well, on site or in our green screen studio in Toulouse (France), for a commercial video, a corporate film, a documentary, an information campaign, a web series or even a TV or cinema movie. We can combine it with CGI to produce VFX, thus making the most of the advantages of each technique : the speed of live action shooting and the infinite possibilities offered by 3D animation to create high quality and high impact content.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

We also make interactive 3D systems for the 3D visualization and configuration of objects or environments, embedded in a web page or as a standalone app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. We develop VR apps that immerge users in virtual environments entirely created in 3D (using VR devices such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC vive, ...) or AR apps that merge 3D elements into the video stream of mobile devices in real time.


Our Portfolio (film, 3D animation, video, interactive 3D) :

CGI 3D animation film

Stereoscopic 3D CGI animation film

"Space Debris Movie 2017" : institutionnal film entirely produced in stereoscopic 3D CGI animation for the European Space Agency (ESA), in order to increase the public's awareness of the dangers related to space debris.

Stereoscopic 3D CGI animation film
Science 3D Animation video series

Science 3D animation video series

3D animation video series produced for the Environment and Ecology Department of the French Government, to explain the risks related to the different types of marine submersions.

3D animation video
Public health video campaign

Public health video campaign

Documentary-like fiction film mixing live action, 3D animation and VFX specially created for the exceptionnal event "Voyage au coeur du sein" within the "Octobre Rose" campaign against breast cancer of the french "Ligue Contre le Cancer".

Documentary film campaign
3D animation CGI video commercial

3D animation commercial

Commercial video created entirely in 3D animation CGI for a french space industry company.

3D animation commercial
Interactive 3D configuration

Interactive 3D configuration

To visualize and configure your product in 3D : choose colors, options, trigger animations in a customization module embeddable in your web page or as a standalone application.

Interactive 3D configuration
3D virtual reality app

Virtual reality application

Move around the Internationnal Space Station (ISS) weightlessly like an astronaut with this 3D VR app we developped for Google Cardboard.

3D virtual reality app
3D AR app

Augmented reality application

Merge 3D objects in realtime in the video stream of a mobile device using a printed target.

3D augmented reality app
Showreel ONiRiXEL 3D

ONiRiXEL Studio Showreel

Video edit including other samples of the studio's work : 3D animation, video commercials, corporate films, fiction, documentaries, ...

3D Studio Showreel

Domains of application :

  • Aircraft and space industry
  • Environment and ecology
  • Science and industry
  • Health and medical
  • TV and cinema
  • Education and trainning
  • Culture and museums
  • Communication

Our skills :

We can take care of the whole production pipeline or step in at one point, according to your needs :

    Screenwriting, adaptation, script,
    Storyboard, previs, layout.
    CGI, 3D infographics, motion design,
    3D modelling, 3D animation and simulation, lighting, realistic rendering,
    Live action shooting, green screen, motion capture,
    Interative 3D programming, real time rendering.
    Camera and object tracking, chroma keying,
    Compositing, color grading, video editing, sound mixing,
    Titles, subtitles, credit rolls,
    VFX, stereoscopic 3D.


The studio premisses are located in downtown Toulouse in the south of France and harbor :

  • A team of 3D artists, 3D animators, directors, cameramen, sound engineers, editors, mixers, colorists and developpers.
  • An open workspace with workstations and a meeting room.
  • A greenscreen studio, with a full lighting setup, a dressing room and a lounge.