3D animation CGI film

Space debris movie "A Journey To Earth" : a 12 minute 3D CGI coprporate film to communicate to the space industry and the general public about space debris related risks and mitigation solutions, created by ONiRiXEL for ESA (the European Space Agency).

Film direction

3D modeling, texturing, animation, lighting and 3D stereoscopic rendering.

Video shooting

On location and in studio, voice narration recording.


Compositing, video editing, sound mixing, color grading and final encoding.

The main challenge of the movie was to transform real orbit data provided by ESA in realistic stereoscopic 3D CGI animation to convey an impressive but accurate from a scientific point of view of the congestion of certain orbits and the associated chain collision risks.

The stereoscopic version of the movie premiered during the opening of the 7th space debris conference in April 2017 in ESOC, ESA's European Space Operation Center.

It is also available on ESA's Youtube channel : A Journey to Earth (stereoscopic 3D).


Creation arises from encounters. The meeting of your ideas, needs and constraints, with the creativity and expertise of ONiRiXEL.

Studio :

56 BIS Rue des 36 Ponts